• Max

Proof Of Concept

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

I was excited when I came up with the concept for Good People Places while I was on a shuttle in the Bahamas in January of 2018. I was blown away when my mentor and the smartest person I know gave the idea a minute's thought before paying it a compliment. But nothing has made me more sure about the idea than when I stumbled across this video while researching BlackRock's social impact portion of their website:

This video shows James and Inja, two AirBnb superhosts who had more than enough so they decided to use AirBnb to raise funds for causes they believe in. And they raised over $70,000 to give away so far! It's an incredible story of selflessness.

Every time I watch this video (and I've definitely accounted for more than a dozen views by now), I think of two things. One -- What an inspirational, cute and fun couple. And two -- how much did AirBnb make in service fees off this couple that was using the service simply to generate funds for good causes? The amount must be in the thousands.

There's nothing wrong with how James and Inja chose to make a difference. I'm just looking to create a system that magnifies the impact of their generosity, not one that takes away from it.