Make a world of difference.

Hosting Interest Form

We currently only have hosts in the Madison, Wisconsin area, but we are seeking to expand. We can easily accommodate hosts from anywhere in the world, so please reach out and we'll work with you to get you added.

Our name -- Good People Places -- is a shout out to the fact that we can all be good people that have something to offer right now in this moment. There is no room in Good People Places for people to feel like their home isn't worthy of being opened up and shared, whether you're offering up a couch, an air mattress, or a California King bed.

As a host with Good People Places, you choose the following:

  • Which dates and/or days of the week your spare space is listed for

  • Whether or not you finalize any request that you receive (we do request that you finalize or reject any requests within 12 hours of receiving it)

  • Which certified 501(c)(3) organization will be the recipient of any funds that your guests will donate

  • The amount that you suggest that the guest donates to your selected organization for each night's stay

  • You retain the right to remove the guest from your home at any time and for any reason, though doing so without reasonable cause may prevent us from continuing to use you as a host

We can't thank you enough for considering this opportunity to partner with us to do some amazing things, together.