How it Works

For our purposes, a host is anyone that has spare sleeping accommodations available that they are willing to share with others. This typically would be a bed in a guest room, but there are tons of ways to get creative with this. You could offer up an air mattress in your living room, your pool house, a tent in your backyard -- it doesn't really matter what you offer, as long as your hosting profile accurately reflects what the space is.

A guest is anyone that is seeking accommodation.

The host creates a listing profile on our "Find a Place" page, complete with photos and an accurate description. They also include the 501(c)(3) nonprofit that they are currently supporting as well as the suggested donation amount per night. This listing includes all pertinent details such as what amenities are present, the general (though not exact) location of the accommodations, and a calendar of availability.

Guests browse these listings and decide if one is available that matches their needs. They use the tool to request a reservation from the host for a specific date range and for a specific number of people. The host will respond within 12 hours of receiving the request, confirming or declining the request.

If the host confirms the request, they initiate a conversation with the guest to inform them of the actual address of the accommodations and to facilitate check in so that the host knows roughly when to expect the guest to arrive.

We suggest that the morning of departure, the guest makes the donation to the nonprofit organization that the host indicated, taking into consideration the suggested donation amount per evening, and shares the donation receipt with the host so that the host is able to see the positive impact that they are making.

We suggest that guests work with a tax professional to determine whether any or all of the amount that they donated qualifies for a tax deduction, since the nonprofit organization is not providing any services to the guest in exchange for their donation.

Thanks for reading! If you have thoughts or additional questions, please reach out via our Contact page.