Currently, we're working to bring Good People Places to New Zealand. We're working with government officials in New Zealand to determine a path forward. Until further notice, reservations will no longer be available to be booked outside of New Zealand due to COVID-related risks.

Please check back often to read more about our progress!

Wishing you and your loved ones safety and wellness during this challenging time.

Max Koch, Founder


Good People Places is a platform where hosts can offer spare sleeping accommodations to people looking for a place to stay.


What differentiates Good People Places from Airbnb, VRBO, Couchsurfing and others is our mission - generating funds to donate to nonprofits locally and globally - which will be more important than ever as we work through COVID-19 and the recovery to follow.

Be a hero.

So what the heck is Good People Places?

‍Imagine a platform like Airbnb, but rather than the hosts making money from guests, the hosts direct the money that the guests would have paid to them to a charitable cause of their choice instead.


So, let's say that you want to support your local food pantry with an additional $100. You could either:

a) Write them a check for $100

b) "Rent out" your guest room to someone coming to town for two nights at a donation amount of $50/night

This is the part where you ask us why anyone would ever be a host if they don't get paid. We even have family who believe that there simply aren't enough Good People in the world to make this idea worthwhile.

And yet, stories like the one featured below show that there are indeed individuals who have the ability and care enough to do something like this. And for those Good People, we're dedicated to creating a platform that enables them to do just that. And we're just getting started.


Please note that while we're not affiliated with Airbnb or BlackRock, this video shows the type of goodness that we're hoping to spread.

Will you join us?

Due to COVID-19, sign up is currently limited to hosts expressing interest in joining the platform and volunteers reaching out to help with the project.

We look forward to getting back up and running on the other side of this pandemic, as we all work to rebuild the social impact community at that time.

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